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aboutschool Vidhya Bharti

• Shri Anchorwala Saraswati Shishuvatika(formerly known as Shishumandir) was established in 1988 by Kutch Kalyan Sangh near Sanstoshi Mata temple in Bhuj. In 199__ the primary section was started. The new building at Prasadi Plot, Sanskar Nagar was built in 19__. The secondary section was started in ____ In a very short time the school gained fame as the best Gujarati medium school in Bhuj. Today also it is considered as a better gujarati medium school in Bhuj. Amidst the all side attack of English medium on the minds of people in our society, some wise people really know the importance of the medium of mother tongue in development of a child. We, among all these challenges, stick to our principle to impart education through the medium of mother tongue.

• We are committed to give education in such a way that our student develop itself in all ways, viz. physically, mentally, vitally, rationally and spiritually. For this we teach Yog, Sangit(Music), Sharirik Shikshan(Physical education), Sanskrit and Naitik Shikshan(Moral Education) as fundamental subjects. These subjects help them in their real development. We also teach fine English and Computer at the right time. Our students are observed physically fit, mentally calm, educationally sound and morally high.

• We have good infrastructure. We run both the schools in big buildings in good localities. We have a computer lab with 20 computers and handy a science lab, where students can do experiments themselves. We have a good library with around 5000 books. For kids in Shishuvatika there are various educational toys and tools. We have a little water pool for kids. We have Rabbits also to play with. In short we provide all types of what is called real education. Our Children, here, not only get educated, but also get enlightened. They learn happily without any burden of education.