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• Shri Anchorwala Saraswati Shishuvatika(formerly known as Shishumandir) was established in 1988 by Kutch Kalyan Sangh near Sanstoshi Mata temple in Bhuj. In 199__ the primary section was started. The new building at Prasadi Plot, Sanskar Nagar was built in 19__. The secondary section was started in ____ In a very short time the school gained fame as the best Gujarati medium school in Bhuj. Today also it is considered as a better gujarati medium school in Bhuj. Amidst the all side attack of English medium on the minds of people in our society, some wise people really know the importance of the medium of mother tongue in development of a child. We, among all these challenges, stick to our principle to impart education through the medium of mother tongue. More Info


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Why Choose Us?


• We are in the field of education since 1988. We have 30 years’ experience in running a school. We had entered this field when some good Gujarati medium schools were there in Bhuj. But in a very short time our school got a high place in the town. We are committed to give good, value based and true education. We aim at all round development of our students. We have a very strong back up for that.

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Why Gujarati Meduim?

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• Every child has a basic right to learn in its mother tongue. The true development of a child is achieved through the medium of mother tongue only. All the leading educationists of the world put stress on the education through medium of his or her own language. UNESCO had to publish resolution regarding this on its website to stop foreign language is a world language myth.

Our Learning Concept


• We believe that learning is a natural process. If the senses of a child work well, he can achieve any goal in its life. Education has only aim to develop its internal means of learning viz. Buddhi, Man, Gnanendriyas and Karmendriyas. So we have our students learn by listening, doing, watching and feeling. We don’t believe in gathering bulk of educational tools. We focus on the all round development every child and prepare our own tools accordingly.

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Vidhya Bharti

Vidhya Bharti

• Some committed and patriotic people, who considered education as an artifice to educate the young generation according to Indian values and culture started the first school in Gorakhpur, UP, in 1952. They named this school as Saraswati Shishu Mandir-Temple of the Goddess Saraswati dedicated to the children. Thanks to their zeal, dedication and hard work that similar schools began to be established at other places also. The number of such schools increased rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. A state-level Shishu Shiksha Prabandh Samiti was formed in 1958 for their proper guidance and planned development. More Info

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Shree Anchorwala Saraswati Vidyamandir, Prasadi plot, Near RamKrishna Temple, Sanskarnagar, Bhuj - Kutch



1. Shree Anchorwala Saraswati Vidyamandir

2. Shree Anchorwala Saraswati Shishuvatika & Shree Saraswati Prathmik Vidyamandir